Ultimate Guide to User Acquisition Manager job


User acquisition is essential for generating growth and establishing a large client base, which increases LTV and creates ROI. Your user acquisition plan will help you connect with your target audience and develop brand awareness once you’ve built a great product. Developing a user acquisition strategy will assist you in achieving your aims of expanding your mobile app’s audience and retaining users for longer periods. 

An effective UA approach will also help you improve your app’s app store position and produce organic installations, which are frequently the most valuable customers because they discovered the app based on their interests. In a crowded market, a user acquisition strategy will help you stay competitive. 


The process of recruiting new users is known as user acquisition (UA). This refers to advertising your mobile app to potential consumers who will then download it. According to Statistica, the average cost of acquiring a new app user who registered or opened an account was $3.52. It depends on user action and the operating system. You should be aware of two sorts of user acquisition: paid media marketing and owned media marketing. 

User acquisition managers leverage marketing and other techniques to attract new users to a product or service, which is typically a mobile app like a game. While some user acquisition managers have marketing experience, others have a quantitative background, such as math or scientific background, as strong analysis abilities are required for the job. User acquisition managers collaborate closely with marketing executives to develop and implement effective strategies across various marketing channels such as social media, search engines, and email. They are in charge of budgeting and ensuring that initiatives provide a sufficient return on investment (ROI). They must also stay abreast of industry developments. 


While the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics does not have data on the burgeoning sector of user acquisition, it predicts that employment for the related occupation of marketing manager will grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029. Within the above-mentioned time frame, there may be a positive employment change of roughly 19,100 marketing managers, which is more than the average for all occupations. According to Payscale.com, the median yearly compensation for a user acquisition manager in the United States in 2020 was $79,000. 


The ultimate duty is to work in close harmony with marketing executives and prepare strategies to execute a marketing plan to acquire more users for growth and development. They must keep up with the ongoing trends. Other duties to be taken care of are as follows-

● Planning, setting up, monitoring, and analyzing mobile user acquisition campaigns is my responsibility. 

● Examine key performance indicators and make adjustments as needed to meet ROI and growth goals. 

● Manage budgets independently and create detailed, dynamic media plans, efficiently distributing budgets to various sources based on performance. 

● Analyze and report on key performance indicators (KPIs). To ensure sophisticated data analysis support, collaborate closely with the BI team. 

● Develop, manage, and improve Next Games’ mobile UA partnerships. Negotiate terms that will allow you to get the most out of your performance. 

● New mobile UA partners should be selected, onboarded, and evaluated. 

● Work collaboratively with the Marketing Design team to guarantee the best possible performance of content and creative assets. 


In most cases, a bachelor’s degree is required for user acquisition manager positions. Some organizations prefer people with a marketing or business degree, while others prefer those with degrees in math, statistics, economics, or other relevant fields. 

● In-depth knowledge and demonstrated expertise with Facebook mobile ads. Google AdWords for mobile is well-understood (UAC). Additional platforms are advantageous (e.g. ASA, Snapchat). 

● Budgeting and spending responsibilities for ROI-based mobile user acquisition efforts in the past. 

● Conversion tracking, programmatic advertising, and other mobile marketing technologies are well-understood. 

● Excellent analytic and reporting abilities. 

● There is a strong sense of responsibility and ownership. Attention to detail and a proactive, hands-on attitude is essential. 

● Negotiation and relationship-building skills are exceptional. 

● Working in a fast-paced atmosphere and delivering on numerous projects at the same time is second nature to me. 

● Working knowledge of ASO 


User acquisition managers can work remotely or in-house, or on a project basis, or full-time or part-time based upon the requirements and availability. 

● The following are the top freelancing websites to consider if you want a remote, project-basis, or part-time job. They can do half of the work of bringing in projects to work on. 

1. Freelancer.com 

2. Upwork 

3. Fiverr 

4. Designhill

5. Toptal 

6. We work remotely 

7. Behance 

8. Simply Hired 

9. Dribble 

10. People per hour 

11. Guru 

12. Design Crowd 

13. 99Designs 

14. Webflow Experts 

15. SolidGigs 

You simply need to find a legitimate clients’ project with trustworthy credentials. And bid on it with a strong belief in yourself about the work you are going to deliver. And voila! You get the project on your terms and conditions. 

● Now if you want to go to an office and work there, you should have a great network online. You can always find job openings on job-providing sites. For example, LinkedIn. They have almost all the multinational companies listed with bottom to top tier jobs vacancy available. Linkedin profiles deliver a positive impact on the hiring committee. 

Similar to LinkedIn, other sites are 



Job case 


Zip Recruiter 

Valor Connect 

Monster jobs 

● The alternative to the same is to research some top-listed firms and apply for an opening in them individually. Here you might need to hustle a bit on your own to get the job done. 


User acquisition is a crucial activity that aids mobile apps in achieving their growth objectives and building an engaged community that can be retained for longer periods, hence increasing LTV. This should be a data-driven strategy that identifies and targets high-value consumers while simultaneously improving overall performance. We cover all you need to know about user acquisition in this guide, including key terminology, why it’s vital, and which KPIs are critical for this marketing strategy.