Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing job


Influencer marketing is no more a niche approach reserved for particular companies, as marketing tactics are continually evolving. In reality, it’s a widely used method that exposes your firm to a new audience and aids in the development of brand trust. In the last four years, searches for influencer marketing have increased by 1500 percent—the trend is evident! 

Engaging with influencers entails a combination of client relations, financial analysis, and meticulous planning and targeting. This guide is for all the influencers who are looking forwards to campaign and pitching themselves in the market. 

Job Description 

As the Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager you’ll be in charge of developing social media strategies as well as planning and executing effective social media and influencer campaigns. You ought to be able to raise brand recognition and reach a larger audience ans are held responsible for reporting on the success of involvement across a variety of social networks. One must be able to multitask well, think creatively, have a strong sense of brand, comprehension, and be at ease presenting ideas and outcomes to both internal and external clients. Usually, influencer marketing managers have prior social media and influencer marketing experience and be confident in their abilities. You are expected to be comfortable speaking with both existing and potential clients as well as the use of social media analytics and monitoring technologies 

Average salary 

In the United States, the average influencer marketing expert income is $65,000 per year or $33.33 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $61,588 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $97,500 per year. 


Influencer marketing managers are the newest addition to marketing teams all around the world. These marketers are in charge of their organizations’ influencer marketing initiatives and relationships with influencers. 

This role is being added to the marketing departments of more and more companies. Following are the responsibilities that this job entails 

● Create and implement influencer marketing plans and campaigns. 

● Seek and cultivate relationships with influential thought leaders and influencers. 

● Attend relevant gatherings for the goal of networking and business. 

● Research relevant industry experts, rivals, target audience, and users to develop content ideas and produce and curate material 

● Consider new and innovative ways to approach influencer campaigns. 

● Keep up with the latest trends, technology, and influencers. 

● Collaboration with the marketing team to develop and implement cross-channel marketing strategy.


While you wouldn’t need an extensive background to become an influencer marketing manager, you will need a thorough awareness of the influencer marketing environment as well as a drive to establish partnerships for businesses. 

Proficiency in digital marketing methods is a must for an influencer marketing manager. They’ll also be detail-oriented, multitasking, and people-oriented. other skills to be considered are – 

● Marketing bachelor’s degree 

● Solid term performance in campaign outreach methods 

● Expertise in the field of social media marketing 

● Effective communication abilities, both verbally and in writing 

● Well-organized and has excellent time management abilities. 

● Outstanding organizational abilities 

● Interpersonal and relationship-building abilities are exceptional. 

● Ability to connect with others 

How to get the job 

When we look up to start a job or pick up again to restart, the first of all steps is to google for that job position. And from there on we carry our research to find a legitimate job position with a reputed firm or freelancing projects which are genuine and pay your worth. Well, we have compiled a list of top websites, where you can look up the similar job listings 

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Other regular websites to search for these jobs are – 

1. Fiverr 

2. Upwork 

3. Freelancer 

4. Guru 

5. People per hour 

6. Simply Hired 

7. Toptal 

8. Flex jobs 

9. Linkedin 

10. Behance 

11. 99 designs 

12. Dribble

13. Servicescape 

14. Design Hill 

15. Task rabbit 

We considered various elements to guarantee that each freelancing website on our list is dependable and trustworthy, including: 

● Conditions of use. The terms and conditions of chosen freelance websites are well-documented and safeguard both freelancers and employers. 

● Customer service. Each freelancing site offers customer service to help consumers navigate the site and address any issues. 

● Methods of payment and withdrawal. Local and international freelancers can be paid through freelancing websites using a variety of methods, including money orders and electronic transfers. 

However, while applying for a job, remember to double-check everything because there is always the risk of being scammed. 


If you’re considering employing an influencer marketing manager, you’ve undoubtedly already dabbled in the field. Partnering with influencers may help you increase brand exposure and income, and it’s a cost-effective method to expand your company. 

You will, however, require time as you expand your influencer marketing efforts. An influencer marketing manager can help you with this. An influencer marketing manager has the time to build up your influencer marketing efforts while still maintaining high-quality contact with all parties involved. An influencer marketer might be the greatest individual to appoint to your marketing division if you want to expand your business but don’t have enough time.