Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Analyst job


Companies are increasingly seeking many ways to promote their products and services digitally, as digital marketing spreads its wings in new ways. Several organizations hire a digital marketing analyst to help them expand their product’s reach in the digital market. This analyst can arrange some strategies to target prospective consumers. 

A digital marketing analyst’s job is to align the company’s marketing efforts with current trends, allowing items to reach new customers. If you want to be a digital marketing analyst, this post will help you understand what a digital marketer does. 

Job Description 

Pay-per-click and other online advertising techniques are used by digital marketing analysts to create and run search marketing campaigns. The majority of the time, people in this fieldwork in offices. Digital marketing analysts can work full-time for firms that routinely advertise online, but they can also work for themselves as independent contractors. Because digital marketing analysts conduct the majority of their work online, there is little to no travel necessary for this position. 

The role of a Digital Marketing Analyst is to analyze a company’s social media performance and recommend practical suggestions to fix digital marketing efficiency and enhance profits. He or she should have a data-driven attitude and be adept at understanding data and converting it into useful information. 

If you’re considering a career in digital marketing and want to learn more about what it takes and how to get started, this blog will help you. 

Average salary 

Market research analysts (who are similar to digital marketing analysts) make a median annual salary of $62,560, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to PayScale, the typical annual compensation for digital marketing analysts is $50,823. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this industry are expected to expand by 23% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the national average. 

Full-time digital marketing analysts who work for one organization have a comprehensive benefits package that includes 401(k) and life insurance choices, as well as health, dental, and vision coverage. Paid vacation and sick days, as well as paid holidays, are provided to full-time digital marketing analysts. 


Digital marketing analysts undertake essential daily activities that are identical across industries and businesses, whether they are hired by a specific organization or working for hire. These responsibilities include: 

● Customer, marketing, and online behavioral data are collected and analyzed.

● Campaigns are being tested, critical data are being analyzed, and opportunities to improve campaign success are being identified. 

● Creating and presenting takeaways from your research, including actionable insights and recommendations. 

● Developing online measurement and digital campaign tactics. 

● Creating dashboards, data visualizations, and performance reports for campaigns and websites. 

● Digital media and marketing trends are being tracked and analyzed. 

● Presenting and communicating with coworkers, senior management, and clients. 


To generate cost-effective commercials for their clients, digital marketing analysts oversee marketing budgets, analyze data, and calculate the statistics of online campaigns. Companies and individuals looking to recruit digital marketing analysts to look for experts with the following important abilities to do a good job: 

● SEO — To construct attention-getting online campaigns, digital marketing analysts must have a thorough grasp of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). 

● Social media marketing — social media is a powerful marketing tool, and digital marketing analysts must understand how to utilize it to promote products and businesses online. 

● Mathematics – Digital marketing analysts must be able to examine figures regularly to determine the cost of campaigns vs the number of individuals who respond to them, which necessitates good mathematical and financial abilities. 

● Digital marketing analysts must not only communicate with clients and produce frequent reports, but they must also know how to develop attention-getting advertisements, which necessitates good verbal and written communication skills. 

Other sidebar skills to be considered are – 

● A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related subject is required. ● Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio are among the analytical and reporting tools that you should be familiar with. 

● Deep understanding of digital marketing platforms such as social, display, and programmatic. 

● Ability to think analytically and strategically. 

● Potential to make judgments based on data. 

● Excellent interpersonal and teamwork abilities. 

● Communication and presenting abilities are excellent. 

How to get the job? 

The job hunt is the most crucial task which has to be done with utmost caution and care. In these pandemic times, one must consider the option of being a freelancer where you can

generate leads for a permanent job profile. Following are the top websites to look upon them and the rest is up to make your gig more appealing to get a client to hire you. 

1. Upwork 

2. Toptal 

3. Freelancer 

4. Craiglist 

5. Guru 

6. People per hour 

7. Fiverr 

8. Simply hired 

9. Flex Jobs 

10. Cloud Peeps 

11. Hubstaff 

12. Media Bistro 

13. Crowdsource 

14. Linkedin ProFinder 

15. Freelance writing gigs 

Apart from the wide range of benefits of freelancing, one disadvantage could be that you might not get that exposure to working under pressure. If you are looking forward to something like that, you might apply for a full time 9 to 5 job on the following service providers 1. Linkedin 

2. Glassdoor 

3. Indeed 

Apart from this, you can also research the top hiring firms with the need in digital marketing analyst or related field. But for that, make sure you have enough experience and a portfolio to show up. And then only you can apply directly. 


For marketers, the position of Digital Marketing Analyst is a good opportunity to build a valuable resource to improve consumer interaction on the website. Businesses will always want a marketing analyst who might keep up with the industry and devise strategies to boost portal conversion rates. 

When a company hires someone with a Google Analytics certification, it confirms that the person’s marketing skills are of high quality. Google is the most popular platform for digital marketing, and you may use it to establish yourself as a specialist who can work for a variety of companies. The marketing team requires certain facts and statistics to prepare most of the finest reasons for attracting additional customers.