The Ultimate Guide To Email marketing manager job


We all know that email is used for the majority of corporate communication nowadays. It’s how we set up important meetings, send out company-wide messages, and even connect with the individual sitting next to us. 

Marketers understood there was a huge opportunity as it grew in popularity. What makes you think they wouldn’t? Email is a quick and inexpensive means to communicate with a large group of individuals at the same time. 

The role of email marketing manager was developed from that basic realization. Email marketing has gone through several phases, from underutilized to highly spammy. The best strategy to exploit this potential goldmine is still up for dispute. Indeed, some individuals worry if direct emails from businesses to consumers can cut through the clutter in their inboxes. However, the reality remains that with email, you have a direct line of communication with folks who are interested in your brand that is also a speaker, a store, and a data collection machine all in one. 

To help you set up a career in this field, we have come up with a whole description to help you out. 

Job description 

The main job of an email marketing manager is to oversee the whole email marketing strategy, including copywriting, email database management, generating a weekly customer newsletter, and more. The employee collaborates closely with the sales and marketing departments, especially leadership, to determine the best ways to target user segments and provide the email content they require. The ideal applicant works across departments to develop and implement an effective email marketing plan that meets the company’s goals most efficiently and cost-effectively possible. 

One has to have excellent communication skills and the capacity to manage many tasks simultaneously while quickly reacting to shifting priorities. The email marketer must have a passion for data and a desire to learn more about the unknown and assist in achieving the aim of one-to-one marketing communication and the development of actionable customer intelligence. 


Earnings in this profession vary dramatically and might range from $39,000 to $70,000 per year. An email marketer’s average annual pay is around $50,000. As you advance in the email marketing industry, you may be hired as an email marketing expert or manager. The typical email marketing manager pay, according to Payscale, is $67,473, with a range of $46,000 to $91,000. 


Every job comes with a set of responsibilities that you need to deliver to accomplish the goal set up by the companies and thus hired. Following are some of the explicit duties – 

● Determine the target audience and expand the email list 

● Campaigns for direct email marketing should be designed and implemented.

● Examine for clarity, grammar, and spelling in emails. 

● Business expansion with driven sales. 

● Make sure your email templates are mobile-friendly. 

● Create newsletters that include all corporate news. 

● Using visuals, personalization, and surface pro, you might have to improve existing email designs. 

● To reduce unsubscribes, provide fast and accurate email communication with clients. ● Creating email databases to generate leads. 

● To analyze campaign results and provide recommendations for changes. 

● To analyze the amount of money you made from your email marketing activities. ● To make sure that emails adhere to industry guidelines and principles. 

Requirements/ Qualifications 

It is the skill that counts and displays your competence for the responsibilities they are willing to look up for. 

● Work experience as an email marketing manager or a digital marketing professional with a track record of success. If you are a fresher in the industry, you can always start your career as a freelancer or by pitching your sample work while interviewing or by providing your services to a start-up. 

● Thorough knowledge of HTML and content management systems. 

● Expertise in marketing automation software 

● SEO/SEM and Google Analytics expertise are required. 

● Competence in analytical and database software. 

● Exceptional interpersonal and copywriting abilities in writing. 

● Excellent project management and time efficacy abilities. 

● A commitment to cooperate under stress. 

● BSc in Marketing or an equivalent qualification. 

How to get the job? 

Once you decide the career path and get the hang of the starters, it is now time to search for an eligible job. But finding a legit well-paying job without experience (as in the case of freshers). Email marketing is a vast arena where it is often coupled with other jobs especially with content writers. Following are some of the best platforms where you can find email marketing manager job (freelancing, full-time, part-time, or remote jobs) listings. Here you can place a bid on a trusted client’s gig. 


2. Upwork 


4. Flexjobs 



7. Indeed 

8. LinkedIn

Apart from this, pitching your services as an individual is always an option. For that, you can start your website and offer various services at the ease of your availability. One can also use this email marketing strategy to expand your business. 

Summary (with a closing tip) 

Always consider how you’d like to use your email marketing skills in the future and where you’d like to go. Whether you want to go deep into email marketing to become an expert or extend your horizons by applying email marketing concepts to other marketing professions, email marketers’ talents are in high demand in today’s employment market. It’s time to rethink your email marketing approach if you’ve been ignoring it. 

For marketers who are ready to learn how to do it correctly, email marketing has a significant payoff. It doesn’t have to be overly difficult. 

To begin, keep in mind that you’re a visitor in your subscribers’ inboxes. Your subscribers are always one click away from losing interest in your emails. Be courteous, respectful, and helpful. You’ll need to get permission as you get started. It is the right thing to do. It’ll be important for you to keep your promises. Provide individuals with what they’ve requested, and follow up with emails frequently to ensure that you’re meeting their expectations. There isn’t a magic recipe for increasing email automation. It all comes down to what works best for you and your business.